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Interesting travel, people, places, events & More !

Interesting travel, people, places, events & More !

Interesting travel, people, places, events & More ! Interesting travel, people, places, events & More !

2019 a year to explore ! 


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Great Wall  China

How we started

 "JB" Griffin gummy7 founder/ publisher  thought of the idea of gummy7 global marketplace while traveling in China in 2008.  Our purpose is to share interesting people,  places, events & more from Antarctica to Zambia on gummy7.    Safe travels  & happy adventures!  

​Go uncover memories moments yourself 7 days a week" -gummy7  

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Desert Hot Springs Spa

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gummy7 explores the world from Antarctica to Zambia looking for interesting people, places and events ..

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Sharing the Good News and Fulfilling the Great Commission


Security In Christ

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Source of All Power & Eternal Life

Gum's  Sermon on Connectivity to God  

Technology has come a long way since the dial up internet connection .. Who can forget that annoying sound...

Who knew that phones would one day be like a mini TV Screen. 

It's a connected World no doubt...Real is time is Real time...something like that . 

Are we secure in this wide open world ? 

Is there security in Life and after death? 

The Bible tells us ...Yes there is eternal security available to all mankind.. Like newborn babies we are helpless to provide this for ourselves.

We must find security in the living arms of our creator. 

An electrical appliance has no power in itself. Only when it is connected to the electrical current does energy surge  through it. 

Disconnect the appliance and it becomes lifeless. Eternal life is not a one time gift that becomes part of ourselves. 

It is the life- giving  sap that flows through our veins because  we are united with the vine, Jesus Christ.

Stay connected !  My cell battery is low connecting now 

P.S.  Thanks to  Gospel Tract and Bible Society for providing part of this  sermon     

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Matthew 6:33-34 King James Version (KJV)

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

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